Ponderosa Annexes E & F

University of British Columbia | Vancouver, BC

Ponderosa buildings E & F were built in the 1970’s are heated and cooled by one rooftop gas-fired multizone HVAC unit (MZU) per building. MZU produces cold-air and hot-air simultaneously and mixes the two to meet comfort demands of zones. MZU was a popular choice for buildings in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s because one unit was able to provide multiple temperature control zones.  Inherent inefficiency of consuming energy twice to produce both cold-air and hot-air, technological advancement, and building codes disallowing simultaneous heating-cooling units made MZU obsolete in our industry.

Ponderosa E & F building MZUs are overdue for replacement and UBC wanted upgraded HVAC units that will minimize cost, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emission. Chorus was engaged to perform a feasibility study to determine the right option. Chorus provided 3 major options with comfort level, opinion of costs, construction impact, estimated project schedule, energy savings potential, etc. and recommended VRF+ERV as the optimum option. UBC accepted Chorus’ recommendation and engaged Chorus as the prime consultant for the design and construction phases of the project.  

  • New HVAC units are fully electrified HVAC units with ventilation air energy recovery and VRF heat recovery systems.
  • Existing HVAC zones are revised and reorganized to improve comfort.
  • Estimated construction cost of $800,000.00 total for both buildings.
  • VRF+ERV equipment packages were pre-tendered to meet construction schedule.  
  • Building Permit and Tender sets due first week of February 2023.